Calendar Help

Dolphin Clock: Chimes on the hour, as long as your speakers are unmuted.

Alarm: To set the alarm, click on "Set Alarm", just below Dolphin Clock. Enter the hour and minute, and click "OK". The alarm will sound only if you do not close out of Calendar, or shut-down your computer.

My Calendar Notes: To save your notes, enter them and click on "Save". "Clear" will erase them. A asterisk (*) will appear on the calendar to notify you that there are notes available.

World Calendar Systems: The current date in several cultural and regional formats.

Weather: Enter your US zip code, or international location ID. The location will be set as the default. To view the weather with metric units (i.e., °C), check "Use Metric". It will forecast the weather for today and tomorrow, along with the current weather.

Current Moon Phase: The approximate phase of the moon. If you are in the southern hemisphere, clicking on "Southern" under "Choose your Hemisphere" will show the moon correctly.

JavaScript and Cookies: Many features on calendar require that JavaScript and Cookies be enabled. Your JavaScript is currently